I feel that people in the individual areas work well together and balance each others strengths and weaknesses for the benefit of our residents and their families.

The facility is kept clean and nice, I don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed. I look forward to working every day. Coworkers are kind and willing to help, and relationships made with the residents are irreplaceable.

Everyone leaves with a smile on their face. No matter what kind of day it is, you are filled with joy from the people around you.

I love how they make you feel right at home and open themselves up to answering any questions that you have. I love that if we don’t know something we have the opportunity to learn together. I love that everyone is very knowledgeable about the care that they give in the positions they serve our elders in.

I feel like there is always something for the workers to be a part of or gifts for the workers.

Ridgewood is family and resident oriented, there have been great steps made to become better and figure life out after having to say no to so many things during covid. We are able to have gatherings and get to know each other again and taking to opportunity to do so.

The uniqueness of this place is entirely good. I enjoy coming to work and I love the relationships built with employees and residents.

The staff are a fun group, and they really know their residents and how to make them happy.

Everyone is very friendly and willing to help each other out. People who come in the front door often compliment our staff and our facility. It’s nice to have both of those elements in a work environment!

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